Your Trusted Design and Manufacturing Partner for Medical and Drug Delivery Devices… From Start to Finish

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Design & Development

Getting started in the right direction is the key to a successful design and development project. Our experienced engineering team will provide you with market insights, creative and viable design concepts, and unparalleled attention to detail on form, fit and function. In the end, your project will be on track for a great finish.

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Tooling & Injection Molding

Our in-house technology allows us to build injection molds for medical devices and drug delivery devices like no one else. We have the capability to create just about any kind of plastic injection mold. From single cavity, pre-production, fast development injection molds to high cavitation, engineered hot runner and two-shot injection mold systems, we can build them. The end result is the best engineered injection mold tooling solution for your application, and your success.

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Testing & Verification

Testing is an integral part of our innovation consulting process (and rightly so). Without it, you can’t move forward. Our comprehensive testing capabilities and our extensive experience will put you in the perfect position to make the best decisions and seamlessly get to market.

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Regulatory Submissions

So, what about the rules and regulations for getting your medical device to market? This is where we really shine. Our in-house regulatory expertise will guide you through the regulatory requirements beginning upstream in the development process. With an agreed upon plan from the start, the process of writing regulatory submissions down the road is greatly simplified and sets you up for success during the regulatory review process.

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Manufacturing & Assembly

Without exceptional manufacturing and assembly, any innovation for your medical device or drug delivery device never really makes it off the drawing board. It takes the right combination of experience and innovative thinking to provide you with the optimal plastic injection mold manufacturing solution for your project. We have that… and more.

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Commercialization Support

You’ve got a great new medical device innovation but you’re not quite sure how to turn it into a viable, revenue-generating reality. We have years of experience developing and successfully commercializing medical devices. Our proven process for navigating clients from great idea to market success will put you on the right path.

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