EG-GILERO says…A Different Perspective on the Design & Development of Medical and Drug Delivery Devices

We’re back with the second entry in our ongoing series with an EG-GILERO expert. Today, we’re hearing from Todd Macy, Director of Research and Development in our Design and Development office located in Columbus, OH. Todd opened the Columbus office 2 years ago, and has been focused on developing medical and drug delivery devices ranging from purely mechanical to electro-mechanical. For this blog, we’ll hear from Todd on how his group of engineers collaborates and innovates to enhance the lives of patients, and the doctors and clinicians that treat them.

Any medical device design challenge is to us a life challenge.

One of the first things we do when considering a medical or drug delivery design challenge is to research user needs. What are the existing devices out there? How do patients and clinicians work with them? And more importantly, what is missing? I’d say our biggest contribution in design and development within the medical & drug delivery industry is that we are very good at identifying other patient morbidities that haven’t been addressed before in existing devices. This allows us to design a medical or drug delivery device that takes into consideration what it’s like to not only use it, but to live with it. For a recent device, we went to China to see firsthand how it would be used outside of the clinical setting within the patient population at home. We wanted to know what it was like to use the equipment, how would it be stored when not in use, who would clean the device and would they be familiar with sterilizing the product, and most importantly for this patient subgroup, what do you do with the device when traveling?

At EG-GILERO, we are free from preconceived notions.

As your design and manufacturing partner for medical devices and drug delivery devices, we don’t have preconceived expectations of research outcomes that some others might possess. Our design engineers aren’t afraid to ask any question about the product’s development or processes in which it was introduced. Our engineers also freely share best practices in product design and injection mold design. This allows for the implementation and real time execution of emerging technologies straight through into manufacturing. Being an unbiased contributor to the entire design and development process allows us to be nimble and fluid, injecting new ideas the customer may not have considered. The end result is to achieve faster speed-to-market while still working within a ISO13485 certified Quality Management System (QMS).

Three things we always consider.

When we are brought on as your single-source partner for the design and development of a medical or drug delivery device, we always ask and seek to answer three things. Can the conceived or prototyped design be manufactured? Will the product be serviceable? And most importantly, is it intuitively usable by the clinician or patient? We bring no tribal, preconceived knowledge or predetermined outcomes to our projects. This approach frees us to identify and innovate through design verification and validation, breaking down what may have been impeding the success or adaptability of the product’s design by the end user.

Stay tuned…

We thank Todd for contributing to EG-GILERO says…A different perspective, and sharing his team of engineers’ approach to the design and development of medical device and drug delivery devices. We welcome all your comments and questions, and be sure to follow our blog or check out our Twitter feed to stay up to speed on what we have coming up next.