EG-GILERO says…A Different Perspective on Growing a Successful Medical and Drug Delivery Device Contract Design and Manufacturing Company

We recently spoke with Ted Mosler, Chief Technical Officer at EG-GILERO, for another entry in our ongoing series with an EG-GILERO expert. Because the company has experienced considerable growth over the past few years, we wanted to ask Ted about the approach he has taken to manage this growth while ensuring they are staying on top of design and technical developments in the medical and drug delivery device industry.

EGS: What has been your secret to managing growth effectively?

TM: We are always on the lookout for talented and smart people with the highest ethics. It’s important that we employ people that are hard-working and intelligent, and especially important that they have experience with leading others. A key to our success as we have grown is to pinpoint folks in the organization that possess leadership traits so they can move into supervisory roles. This has allowed us to grow while keeping our focus looking forward.

EGS: How do you keep up with the evolution of design?

TM: I personally keep up with it in a couple different ways. By attending trade shows, I can discover new materials and new manufacturing techniques and prototyping methods. I also seek out experts in the field, such as material scientists and new prototyping machine makers, and have one-on-one conversations with them to best understand how to better utilize materials and techniques into our own process. While it’s a challenge to keep up with specific new medical device technology because we work across so many different fields of medicine, we’ve found success by applying the broad experience we have gained through material processes and procedures in other fields of medicine to the new design needs of a specific field.

EGS: I see you have filed a considerable number of patents, and you also assign all intellectual property rights to your customers in the design process. Is a patent enough to protect intellectual property?

TM: A patent is a good start, but the patent owner needs to be diligent in the people they hire, the partners they choose to work with, and the patent attorneys they choose to write the patents. A lot of the safeguarding depends on these very people you put around you. It is also critical that you work with people who understand the value of the contract, so they protect that intellectual property and knowledge like you would.

EGS: As customers become savvier about the design and manufacturing process, has that affected the design process? Such as increasing the chance for collaboration?

TM: It’s an enormous benefit when our clients employ experts in the design and manufacturing fields. Mainly because as outsourcing work continues to trend upward, companies such as ours can better partner with our clients through these experts. Our customers can feel confident that the steps we are taking are appropriate based on their feedback, and they can more accurately share their expectations of design or the manufacturing process in the early stages. This means we are less prone to error, and more likely to design and deliver a higher quality medical or drug delivery device. Pairing our talented leaders with the client’s design and manufacturing experts has created successful partnerships, contributed to our growth, and the overall success of our clients.

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Our thanks go to Ted for contributing to EG-GILERO says…A different perspective, and how EG-GILERO has effectively managed growth as a contract design and manufacturing partner to the medical device and drug delivery device markets. We welcome all comments and questions, and be sure to follow our blog or check out our Twitter feed to stay up to speed on what we have coming up next.