Welcome to EG-GILERO Says

What’s going on?

There’s a lot to be said about the medical and drug delivery device industry, and a lot of people saying it as evidenced by the mountain of content and commentary coming out daily. Everything from how to build a high-precision, close-tolerance injection mold, to engineering an injection molding solution that meets device requirements, to how to keep up with regulatory requirements that are constantly shifting. And most of it is helpful. But in our opinion, something is missing.

What’s missing?

One topic you don’t see a lot of commentary on is attempting to answer that critical question of, “What does it all mean?” for our customers. Which to be honest, should be the focus of all contract design and manufacturing partners. Because while it’s great to not only help your customers meet and beat forecasted costs or time from concept to completion because you’ve implemented a new process, it’s even better to know that this savings and speed to market ultimately means your customer can provide access to a device and a higher quality of life to patients sooner and at a lower cost. If we’re one of the few industries out there that can say we truly help make lives better, why aren’t we talking about that more?

Here’s how we plan to fix it.

In this blog, EG-GILERO seeks to fill that hole in the communication stream in our industry. Don’t get us wrong, we plan to discuss all the things mentioned in the introduction including design and development, tooling and injection molding, testing, manufacturing and regulatory submissions, but we plan to go at it a little differently. Each one of our blog entries will attempt to, and hopefully succeed at, answering that illusive question of how our processes can help our customers help the people who must use a drug delivery device. For all the tech heads out there, you can expect us to veer off into jargon land (valve-gate hot runner injection molds, anyone?) from time to time, but overall, we plan to deliver a no-frills, easy to understand, relevant and realistic insider view into why we do what we do, with a touch of how we do what we do.

Stay tuned…

We welcome all comments and questions, and you’ll see that the blog will often come from different perspectives, but you’ll always be hearing from a EG-GILERO expert. Follow our blog or check out our Twitter feed to stay up to speed on what we have coming up next.