Design & Development – An excellent foundation for success

Medical device and drug delivery device design and development is in our DNA. Our experienced, approachable engineering team will guide you through the process quickly and efficiently. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Determination of clinical needs for your innovation in the marketplace
  • Detailed product requirements and opportunities for differentiation of your device
  • Viable concepts with true differentiation from the competition
  • Integration of human-centered design throughout the design and development process
  • Rapid-prototyping processes to quickly capture clinical feedback
  • In-house test lab for thorough evaluation of device form, fit and function
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) to ensure a smooth transition to commercialization

When Design & Development is complete… you’ll be poised for a great finish.


Design & Development – An excellent foundation for success

As the first service offering of our innovation consulting process, Design & Development takes your project from understanding the needs within the marketplace to planning for manufacturing. The path to commercialization for your medical device or drug delivery device development project could not be smoother.

Human-Centered Design (Human Factors)

A thorough understanding of the needs within the clinical environment for your innovative design, whether in the hospital or home, is crucial. We conduct interviews with doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists, other clinicians, and, yes, even patients and family caregivers, and combine this user input with competitive product benchmarking. By maintaining this end user focus throughout the design & development process, we deliver devices that users embrace readily and that operate safely in real-world conditions. All of this translates into detailed device requirements and opportunities for differentiation, providing a sound foundation for concept development.

Concept Development

Differentiation from your competitors and human-centered design drive the concept development for your device. We take pride in our structured yet creative brainstorming sessions that lead to viable, standout ideas. Our engineering team creates sketches, CAD drawings and photorealistic renderings to bring those ideas to life, making it easy for you to choose the optimal concept and path forward.

Because we assign all intellectual property rights to you, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your device innovation is secure.


Generating clinical feedback on the performance of your innovative device through prototyping… and doing it quickly… optimizes the final design. We have in-house equipment and capabilities to fabricate rapid prototypes, including stereolithography, CNC, FDM, silicone and injection mold tooling. Prototypes help to advance the design while evaluating the form, fit, and function of the device. Having the ability to build prototypes and make design iterations in-house helps to streamline the process, resulting in an effective medical device and drug delivery device design process.

Device/Package Design

Our in-house suite of capabilities provides your device innovation with a seamless transition from a concept to a manufacture-ready design. We’ll help you define production logistics, substantiate costs, and weigh technical issues. Detailed 3D CAD, engineering drawings, and specifications are created throughout the process and we incorporate design best practices for assembly and packaging considerations based upon your individual device commercialization demands. Whether it is low-volume production or fully automated manufacturing, we have you covered.

The packaging for your device is nearly as important as the device itself. We design the packaging and labeling, whether it requires off-the-shelf options, form-fill-seal packaging, or a completely custom device package design. Count on us to help you select the right design and materials for your device.