Tooling & Injection Molding – Aligning Experience with Technology for Your Success

Start by combining nearly 40 years of experience in developing plastic injection molds with our in-house, unique and unparalleled tooling capabilities and you finish with the optimal tool application for your medical device or drug delivery device. Here’s what you can expect along the way:

  • Certified Injection Mold Makers
  • ISO certified processes
  • Optimum cycle time development
  • Injection mold structure analysis
  • Thermal performance analysis
  • Mold kinematic analysis
  • Cooling circuit design and analysis
  • In-house metrology
  • IQ/OQ/PQ qualification processes
  • Documented preventative maintenance plans
  • High speed machining
  • High quality, precision, multi-cavity molds
  • Versatile, cost affection two-shot molds
  • Multiple material molds

When the tool development process is complete, your medical or drug delivery will be one step closer to a great finish.


Tooling & Injection Molding – Aligning Experience with Technology for Your Success

From beginning to end, you get the optimal combination of human expertise and tool building capabilities. Along the way, we utilize human centered design concepts, time-tested development processes and state-of-the-art technology as the tools of our trade. The end result is the best plastic injection mold tooling solution for your medical device or drug delivery device.

Building Custom Injection Molds – Our Expertise

Forty years teaches one a lot about building plastic injection molds. It’s provided us with the expertise in what the tools are capable of, how they work, and how to help you be successful in the manufacturing of your medical or drug delivery device.

Our team of certified injection mold makers, tool engineers and program managers work closely with you, balancing the complexity of your tooling project with budgets and timelines and employing ISO certified processes.

We build medical device and drug delivery device injection molds for optimum cycle time and the largest process window possible. This takes planning, engineering and, yes, lots of analysis:

  • Injection mold structure analysis
  • Thermal performance analysis
  • Injection mold kinematic analysis
  • Cooling circuit design and analysis
  • Mold filling analysis (Moldflow)

Our molds are capable of holding the tightest tolerances in the medical and drug delivery device industry. We leverage our unique, in-house metrology capabilities to ensure those tolerances are maintained in your device.

Qualification reviews through IQ/OQ/PQ processes and documented preventative maintenance plans provide additional assurance that your mold will perform to strict standards, consistently, throughout its useful life. Now that’s value.

Designing Plastic Injection Molds – Our Technical Capabilities

The best is really what you want when it comes to partnering with a tool builder. We bring only the best injection mold technology to your project, all of it in-house:

  • High Speed Multi-Axis CNC Milling
  • Grinding and Polishing
  • Ultra-Precise Wire EDM
  • CNC Sinker EDM
  • Micro Welding
  • System 3R Tool Holding

From Prototype to Multi-Material Molds – Our Tool Building

With our technology, we can build injection molds better than anyone else. And we have the capability to create just about any kind. From prototype, single cavity, pre-production, fast development molds to production, high cavitation, engineered hot runner and multi-shot material molds, we can build it.

CLICK HERE for the Plastics Industry Association Guide of Mold Classifications

We are the multi-shot, multi-material mold experts, building over 150 two-shot molds since 2004. Our presses range from micro two-shot to 700 tons. Several configuration options are available for your medical device or drug delivery device:

  • Rotary Platen Two-Shot
  • Core-Back Two-Shot
  • In-Mold Rotation Lift & Turn – H Bar
  • Robotic Transfer

With a two-shot injection mold design, you get a number of benefits over a typical two-tool/two-step overmold process:

  • Save Time and Money
    • Increase efficiency and speed of manufacturing
    • Decrease handling and labor time
  • Better Quality Output
    • Part variation is greatly minimized
    • Contamination risk is eliminated
    • Compatible parts bonded without adhesives
  • Increased Flexibility
    • Multiple materials and colors in one mold
    • Different substrates (soft touch, sealing) at the same time

Determining whether a two-shot or multi-material mold is the right solution for your application will take place early in the quoting/tool development phase.

Let’s not forget the importance of the almighty schedule. Our global teams and facilities allow us to build single cavity class 101 injection molds in just two weeks. This is a critical capability that sets us apart from the rest.

Bottom line: we are more than capable of providing a quality, built in-house injection mold tailored to your application, budget, and timeline – while keeping your medical device or drug delivery device project on target to a successful finish.